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Crude Oil Futures Trading – CFTC Regulation

The CFTC is once again considering ways to curb the speculation in oil trading by futures traders which has seen oil prices spike from $40 to over$70 per barrel in the last few months, as the regulatory authority continues to try to provide a solution to the ongoing problem of volatility in oil prices.The CFTC is attempting to introduce regulations to prevent the larger financial institutions from speculating on the price of crude oil, but it is of course these same institutions who provide the required liquidity to allow the oil market to function, and indeed should the CFTC get its way, then we could see even more volatile price action in the oil markets in future and for oil traders. Whether they do indeed get their way only time will tell, but once again oil futures are in the spotlight as consumers highlight the issues of over supply and a crude oil price that only seems to go higher.

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